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Solar Heating

Key Points To Consider

Solarprene® rubber tubing will outlast plastic.
South-West exposure is best, South and South-East are good.
The panels can be installed on any roof in good condition. Individual panels are 1 foot wide by 10 feet long and come in boxes of 4 panels.
The panels were designed for easy do it yourself installation.
Ontario Retail Sales Tax Rebate
The Solar Energy Systems Rebate Program can be claimed by completing a General Application for Refund of Retail Sales Tax [Download PDF] form, with copies of supporting documentation attached (e.g., contracts, invoices or statements).
How Many?
Square footage of panels = Length of pool times width in feet divided by 2
Number of boxes of Panels Required = Square footage of panels divided by 40 square feet in box
Or simply
Boxes = Length X Width / 80
Pick the Perfect Pump
The Intelliflo high performance pump by Pentair.
And a Fabulous Filter
SWIMCLEARTM Quad-Cluster cartridge filters offers high performance and convenient operation.

Solar heater